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Houston Pride: Stories of Gender Transition told through Opera


Houston Grand Opera’s HGOco

Episodic Series "Star Cross’d”, Episode 2 “NOW”

"NOW" is a new ground-breaking opera created in Houston Texas for the Houston Grand Opera about two couples and their incredible journeys transitioning. The opera was inspired by the true story of a Houston woman in a traditional marriage including kids, a house, two cars in the garage, and a dog, when her husband transitioned. “NOW” is the tale of two couples, their parallel journeys, and what transitioning can mean for their futures.

There are no good guys or bad guys, just a difficult moment that could end or enrich each couple's relationship. Worlds are turned upside down when a partner in each couple undergoes a gender transition. "NOW" explores losing what you thought you had, and gaining something you never could have imagined.

One of the most exciting elements of our film is superstar baritone opera talent Lucia Lucas, hailing from Germany. With great distinction, she plays dual roles, embodying two pre- and post-transition characters in two separate timelines. Shifting confidently between male- and female-presenting roles, and adapting to the relationships those characters share with their significant others, Lucia brought grace and dignity to the rich texture of emotions which unfold. The film was helmed by John Grimmett and stars opera singers Joey Leppek and Chelsea Helm, who each play opposite Lucia.

“NOW" was written in 2018 and filmed in the spring of 2019 in a collaboration between composer Avner Dorman, and librettist John Grimmett. Houston’s Bird House Productions produced the second episode of the on-going series Star Cross’d, with HGOco’s series producer Emily Wells and executive director Carleen Graham. The original recording and post-sweetening were done at the renowned Wire Road Studio, conducted by Ben Manis. Ben Manis and Patrick Harvey provided prompting on set. Ciara Ayala served as HGO producing assistant, and Miriam Vincente was the HGO intern.



Producer: Lynn Birdwell
Director of Photography: Sean Maxwell
Camera Operator: Raul Casares
Media Manager/AC: Kay Parker
BTS Stills & Video: Remy Carter
Gaffer: Mike May
1st AD/Prod Manager: Kalli Carter
Production Coordinator: Mari Davila
Script Supervisor: K Lynn Martin
Locations: Marissa Lovely
Security: Reginald Broughton
Makeup and Hair: Jules Wagener
Wardrobe Assistant: Ciara Ayala
Production Assistants: Julyeth Arcos, Matthew Buehrer
Cameras: SCM Technology, Blade Media
Grip and Lighting: Bird House Productions


Editorial Services: Create Media
Editor: Matt Holicek
Titles Designer: Megan O’Sullivan