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About Us

Bird House Productions was founded in 2OO2 to provide full production services in Houston, Texas, and throughout the State of Texas. 

We uniquely understand both the production services company duties, and the responsibilities of the production company itself.  We embrace operating with great flexibility in a wide range of projects and work to provide the most professional and comprehensive services in every project. 

Our goal is for you to have a wonderful experience with us, and want to return for future business.  We are proud of the amazing global level production company clients with whom we have been happy to build relationships.

Our producers are capable of working both on the production company side and the production services side, and understand your needs.  Our locations, casting, and art department options are deep.  Our crew and equipment base is tremendous in Texas and while we work with the very top production suppliers and crew members, we will recommend if a better choice should be brought in, to best suit your project.

While serving as a commercial production services company, we also work to provide services for high level still photography projects as well.  We have worked on Gatorade, Bernardo Shoes, Conde Nast projects, and more.

Our Services

Bird House Productions is 'full service' production company, with the ability to produce films at any level of cost or complexity.

Acting as a co-producer and a production services company, Bird House Productions' intention is to offer any film maker that wants to use the State of Texas either as a base for the entire production, as a location for part of the shoot or for still photography production; the very best and most cost effective production services available.

Bird House Productions has its offices in Houston, Texas. Its dedicated team of experts can provide you with immediate solutions to any problems you might need assistance with, from the relatively minor to the highly complex. Our services include:

  • Schedule and budget management
  • Act as the Film Production Company
  • Act as employer of record for all above and below the line personnel
  • Negotiate all Texas and USA deals with cast, crew and vendor supplies
  • Arrange production and workers' compensation insurances (if required)
  • Arrange application process of production incentives (if required and qualified)

Major Clients 

Furlined, Los Angeles

Rattling Stick, London 

BRW, Los Angeles

Grilli Films, Finland

Iconoclast, Los Angeles

Jet Films, Quebec

Humble TV, New York

Wild Hair, Los Angeles

October Pictures, Hong Kong

RushWade2, USA

Featured Work


TV Commercials

Wingstop - 'Get At It'
Agency: Barkley USA
Director: Lindsey & Lyndon Wade
Production Company: RW2

Bridgeland - ‘We've Arrived’
Agency: John Manlove
Director: Kerry Shaw Brown
Production Company: LA.B

USA Network / Macaroni Grill - 'Character Album'
Director: Christopher McKenna
Production Company: Wee Beastie, New York

Pepsico/Mountain Dew - 'Art of DEW' 
Agency: Motive
Director: Kohl Norville
Artists: Colors Oner & Machine

Southwest Airlines - 'Welcome Aboard'
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles
Director: Erik Van Wyk
Production Company: BRW USA

Hyundai Canada - 'Model' featuring Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge
Agency: Tequila Communications & Marketing
Director: Alexis Durand-Brault
Production Company: Jet Films, Canada

Baylor College of Medicine - 'Giving Life To Possible' 
Agency: Olson
Director: Stuart Parr
Production Company: Furlined, Los Angeles

Mazda Canada - 'The Great Escape'
Agency: JWT, Canada
Director: YC Fournier
Production Company: Jet Films, Canada

Sky- 'Summer of Sport - Golf'
Agency: Brothers and Sisters
Director: Ivan Bird
Production Company: Rattling Stick, London

Hyundai Canada - 'Stadium' featuring Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge
Agency: Tequila Communications & Marketing
Director: Alexis Durand-Brault
Production Company: Jet Films, Canada

The Woodlands - 'Generations'
Agency: John Manlove Communications
Director: Ariel Danziger
Production Company: Humble, New York

Golden Cap Cider - 'Houston 1969' 
Agency: Skandaali-Leo Burnett
Director: Pete Riski
Production Company: Grilli Films, Finland


Citgo - 'Fuel Good Road Trip' 
Agency: BVK
Director: Richard Sears
Production Company: Synthetic Pictures


Still Photography




Our downtown and urban location choices are more robust than nearly any other place in the world you can think of to shoot.  Houston offers the most production-friendly urban downtown, suburban and rural locations, which are practical, very accessible, and reasonably priced.  The cost of doing production in Houston is highly competitive, and there is a strong support system provided by the local film commission office and the City of Houston.

We understand that you are considering shooting in Texas because of the location, the talent, or even the weather here – we are green nearly all year-round.  We work very hard to compete with the other locations in the world that you may be considering.  From your first contact with Bird House Productions, you’ll be provided a quick and professional response with an amazing amount of information about our region and assets, and how we can best facilitate an easier project management for you.


In Houston, you'll enjoy golf and other outdoor activities year round. That's why most of our customers come to shoot their commercials with us during their snowiest seasons. Houston has had only 14 measurable snowfalls since 1939. 

Houston averages 59% of possible sunshine annually, ranging from 45% in January, to 7O% in July.


Canadian and European production companies love our weather. No snow here during the winter season, so come to Texas! 

Houston averages fewer than 18 nights per year with temperatures lower than 32°F; and temperatures rarely reach 1OO°F in the summer. The area enjoys 26O-275 frost-free days per year.


You can look forward to clear and mild days. February, March and April are the lowest average rainfall months.

Directors of Photography


Raul Casares


Sean Johnston


Jose Zambrano Cassella



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